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  • Ashless Filter Paper - 222
    Ashless Filter Paper - 222
    Filtech Grade 222 has medium flow rate and good particle retention and is the most commonly used acid-washed filter. This grade covers a wide range of general ashless filtration applications. It is used for graviimetric...
  • Hardened Ashless Filter Paper - 165
    Hardened Ashless Filter Paper - 165
    Filtech Grade 165 is a fast filtering grade for gravimetric analysis of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates (i.e.: aluminium and zirconium hydroxides) in acid and alkali solutions. Grade 165 is also used in air and...
  • Ashless Filter Paper - 162
    Ashless Filter Paper - 162
    Filtech Grade 162 is a fast filtering grade for rapid filtration of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates such as iron, zirconium and aluminium hydroxides, and cobalt sulphide. This grade is also used in air...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 1926
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 1926
    Filtech Grade 1926 offers finer particle retention and higher absorption than Filtech Grade 1803, but with slightly lower filtration speed. Grade 1926 is used in general laboratory applications to retain particles above 2um...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 1893
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 1893
    Filtech Grade 1893 is used for the filtration of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates such as ferric aluminium and magnesium hydroxides. Grade 1893 is used in air monitoring and gas filtration when high flow rate is...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 1845
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 1845
    Filtech Grade 1845 is a fast filtering grade with a rough surface, used for filtering aluminium, ferric and magnesium hydroxides. Grade 1845 is also found in general construction filtration work and in the filtration of...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 1839
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 1839
    Fitech Grade 1839 is a strong filter paper with a medium flow rate and retention. Grade 1839 is commonly used in student laboratories. This strong, general purpose filter is also useful in Buchner funnels for barium...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 1830
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 1830
    Filtech Grade 1830 is a slow flowing filter designed to retain fine particles encountered in qualitative analysis. Grade 1830 is widely used for water analysis, biological products and fine precipitates such as...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 714 *DISCONTINUED*
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 714 *DISCONTINUED*
    Filtech Grade 714 has been discontinued. PLEASE FOLLOW LINK TO GRADE 711  
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 711
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 711
    Filtech Grade 711 is a medium thick paper, recommended for general applications with medium-heavy solute loading. Like Filtech Grade 714, this grade is ideal for use as wicks in protein or nucleic acid blotting to provide a...
  • Qualitative Filter Paper - 665
    Qualitative Filter Paper - 665
    Filtech Grade 665 is a medium thick paper offering extremely high flow and is recommended for both electrophoresis of large molecules and as a blotter to complete the blotting sandwich in gel transfer applications.Grade 665...

About Filtech

Filtech offer a complete range of high quality analytical filter papers designed for use in general laboratory applications. Our extensive range of superior quality papers include; qualitative, quantitative (ashless and hardened ashless) and glass microfibre filter paper.


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